Manufacturer of home lifts and platform lifts

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ERMHES, manufacturer of home lifts and platform lifts

ERMHES (which in French stands for ‘Design and Build of Disability Lifting and Special Equipment’) was first founded more than 20 years ago, in 1996.

To date, this manufacturer of home lifts and platform lifts has installed more than 3000 installations units throughout France. At ERMHES, we also perform the development, production, installation and maintenance of our homelifts and platform lifts in-house.

First, we have our own established design office and research and development centre. Secondly, we boast a 2.600m² production facility. Finally, ERMHES has dozens of mobile workshop vehicles to support our installations.

Additionally, this manufacturer of custom lifts and platform lifts covers the whole of France. ERMHES  can therefore ensure after-sales with multilanguage technical support follow-up of every installation (see Projects).

  • New plant built to be more competitive and more responsive, with 2600m² of workshop and 400m² of office space.
  • 1 fleet of machines perfectly suited to a manufacturer of PRM lifts.
  • On-site manufacture of machine-welded parts, assembly, and construction gives us greater agility and responsiveness.
  • All our units are compliant with the 2006/42 CE Machinery Directive.  They are all bench-tested before shipping to allow in-house quality control.
  • Shipping is guaranteed throughout all French territory.

Story of a French manufacturer

ERMHES is a unique French manufacturer of home lifts and platform lifts. Out lifts are efficient and well-integrated. We also take account of the human and environmental dimension. Additionally, ERMHES performs the design, manufacture, installation, and service of custom equipment, which we supply to professional builders. We are fully compliant with the EN 81-41 standard for vertical platform lifts and EN 81-40 standard for stairlifts. We work in partnership with architects and communities, for new installations or improvements to accommodation and traffic low. Contact us and we will put all our resources into designing your project with you.

Help is always available through our dedicated hotline, based in France. We also provide maintenance of all our devices, including : home lifts, stairlifts, goods lifts, platform lifts, inclined platforms, dumbwaiters, and panoramic lifts.

We are a French lift manufacturer offering our customers tailor-made solutions for their homes and business. Naturally, our teams first complete a feasibility study to ensure the best use of the equipment.

After completion of the feasibility study, our teams support you in the installation of your home or platform lift. Finally, we offer you personalised, affordable technical solutions.

From home lifts to panoramic lifts, platform lifts, stairlifts, goods lifts, inclined platforms, and dumbwaiters, we offer a wide range of products. They will meet your needs and ensure your comfort, at the right price.

Home lifts and sustainable development

Our equipment has been developed in accordance with the High Environmental Quality (HEQ) standard. We also closely control work site noise pollution and waste.

  • All-electric equipment, generating no waste.
  • No noise; no oil or detergent products.
  • On-site activity involves the assembly of parts and generates no waste.
  • Packaging is returned to the plant upon completion, to be reused for the next installation.
  • Because we transport the components ourselves, delivery and installation are combined in a single journey (reducing greenhouse gases).
  • Dematerialisation of quotations and digitisation of documents (huge reduction in the use of paper).

As part of an environmental approach, and taking account of the targeted use of the equipment solely by people with reduced mobility (PRM), we recommend installation of a lift for people with reduced mobility. Choosing the cutting-edge technology of ERMHES home lifts over standard lifts can be justifid as follows :

  • Reduced power comsumptioin (around 1.5 kW)
  • Small footprint.
  • Low-speed, with maintained pressure controls for platform lifts, and push buttons for the home lift Vivalift. Our lifts are suitable for permanently or temporarily disabled people (further reducing usage and consomption).
  • Less demanding maintenance cycle : 2 rather than 12 times a year (fewer journeys and shorter distance travelled).
  • Lower purchase price than a standard lift (fewer raw materials)
  • Fewer structural and environmental constraints; no need for a pit, or overhead clearance (minimum height 2 metres above); no need for a survival zone.
  • VAT rate of 5.5%
  • 1 week for installation and implementation